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11 - 25 October 2015 Rally for bees "HONEY YOU BUY – MORE BEES SURVIVE"

Classic car rally as a part of the "Honey you buy – more bees survive" campaign.

October 11-25, 2015 a car rally took place as a part of the "Honey you buy – more bees save" campaign organized by the partner of the action – Łysoń company.

It led through the following countries: Slovakia, Romania, Greece, Italy, Austria, Slovakia and of course Poland. In total, 10 crews, of two people, over 4000 km.

It was not difficult to gather a team of beekeepers from Poland, Romania, Israel, Kazakhstan, Austria, Russia and Belarus concerned by the difficult situation of bees, and willing to devote their time and effort for these unusual insects.

Also Professor Jerzy Wilde from the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, a prominent Polish scientist previously engaged in a similar bee rescue operation, editor of the "Bee Encyclopaedia" was involved in the rally. The idea of ​​the rally was born more than a years ago at the meeting of representatives of the Łysoń company and the Pasieka Publishing House.

We drove at night and cooked in the field.

The organizers aim was to publicize this action, which in turn aimed to support beekeeping and promote local honey. An important goal is to make the public aware that buying honey from local beekeepers contributes to the support of beekeeping, which in return will contribute to local societies as for example pollinated orchards and crops not to mention amazing bee products. For several years it has been heard that the population of bees are decreasing, but no one has yet managed to address the issue and direct their actions to help saving the honeybee and the beekeeping industry. It is worth to pay attention to this. The rally was meant to help achieve this goal. We visited many cities, apiaries, honey markets and other interesting places, such as the Formula 1 Spielberg track in Austria or the Vienna City Hall apiary, we cooked our meals using bee products, we gave out honey sweets and multilingual brochures. Our cars were covered with slogans associated with the action proudly displaying the target of the action for 4000 km. All to draw the attention of the potential customers and ... the media, thanks to which the size of the action was even bigger. Unfortunately, despite many attempts to establish contact, Polish television, radio and the national press did not show any interest. Fortunately, we were not disappointed by the Slovak and the Romanian television.

Why Fiat 126p?

Many people asked us this question. They wondered why we did not choose "more comfortable" cars ... We decided on a "little fiat" because it is a cult car in Poland Uncomplicated construction allowed us to do the repairs during the rally ourselves, they usually didn't take mere 10 minutes.

Apart from some minor faults the Fiats did their job very well.

Although we were afraid of their durability of our small cars, and our own, we made it!

Spielberg - Formula One Red Bull Ring. After that, our Fiaty ran the track.

We came back as one big family with a sense of accomplishment. The "Honey you buy – more bees survive" campaign carries on, even though the European rally has come to an end. We continue to extend its popularity to the benefit of all the beekeepers and the whole of society.

We drove at night and cooked in the field.

Spielberg - Formula One Red Bull Ring. After that, our Fiaty ran the track.

A brief interview with Mr. Tomasz Lyson and Rafał Krawczyk - the organisers of the Rally.

Rally of HONEY YOU BUY – MORE BEES SURVIVE campaign was held on October 11-25, 2015.

Buying honey straight from the beekeeper supports beekeepers and indirectly influences the growth of the bee population.